Application & Privacy Statemet

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Admissions Process 

Applying for housing at A-HOME involves a number of steps, beginning with the submission of an application. After the application is received by A-HOME, a staff member will contact the applicant by telephone to describe the next steps which may include a more detailed application, an in-person interview, a visit to an A-HOME residence, and the submission of additional documents including a medical history, income verification and personal references. The application process is intended to ensure that potential residents will be a good match for A-HOME’s housing and the kinds of services that A-HOME provides. See privacy statement below.

Submit your application

Fax your application:  914-741-0777

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89 Smith Avenue

Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Questions?  914-741-0740

Privacy Statement

A-HOME has established policy(s) dealing with privacy issues.1. A-HOME respects the privacy of all individuals with whom it comes in contact, including residents, employees, donors, and others. Information may be disclosed to appropriate parties as required, such as for prospective residents.2. A-HOME does not sell, trade or share any of its lists with outside agencies; it does not share any information about its donors beyond A-HOME staff, board members, and authorized contractors. Donors may inform the agency about their wishes regarding their names, address, etc., at any time.3. A-HOME provides its privacy policy on the A-HOME website, along with its address and phone number so that the visitor can ask questions about what information has been collected. A-HOME will also list the kind of information that is being shared and to whom it is available.4. In every area where A-HOME has private information, proper procedures are being followed. This includes all information regarding residents’ names, addresses and personal information.5. Physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been put in place to safeguard the security and integrity of personal information.6. Inquiries regarding A-HOME’s privacy policy should be directed to the Executive Director or Board President.